With the second disc in the series, The ModelMania™ Collection, Volumes Four and Five: Model Detailing, you’ll explore advanced model detailing techniques. With Volume Four, David responds to viewers most asked questions and requests regarding skin effects such as suntanned skin, realistic mottled skin, veining, bruising, wounds, and tattoos. Volume Four expands upon earlier flesh tone instruction in this series, and explores the techniques and materials required obtaining them. You’ll learn how to create translucent veiny skin, realistic drips and drool, rotted teeth, blind eyes and more! David also guides you through one of the hottest and most useful techniques he uses extensively, shading and detailing with chalk pastels. With Volume Five, you’ll explore detailing techniques for clothing such as creating satin effects for fabrics, using magic markers for patterns, rendering realistic wood grains, repairing a damaged kit, painting and texturing stone surfaces, and painting 1:1 scale eyes. David also walks you through easy to follow hair techniques, from painting and shading blonde to red, black to gray, and rendering fine body hair. If that weren’t enough, he also takes you through two demonstrations for adding real hair to model kits! Again, as an added bonus, you can access the beauty shot gallery to study many examples of David’s Amazing Figure Modeling! This DVD runs approximately 2 1/2 hours total and features easy to navigate chapter stops for each segment, so no more fast forwarding! Both Volume Four and the all-new Volume Five are combined into one specially priced DVD!

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